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I deal with all types of dog training and behavioural issues, including:

• training to help rescue dogs settle into new homes • new puppy training • general sits, downs, stays • walking properly on the lead • aggression towards people or other dogs • integrate dogs and babies/kids, or prepare for a newborn • integrate new puppy/dog into home of existing dog • multi-dog households • integrate new puppy/dog into home of existing cat • separation anxiety • fears and phobias • attention/territorial/fear barking • re-call training • chasing bikes/joggers • toilet training • jumping up on people • fear of groomers • fear of cars • over-excitability around guests • over-excitability around dogs out on a walk/park • breeding and puppy-raising advice for new breeders

Above are the main reasons people contact me, but I also deal with unique problems. So, if you are experiencing a behaviour that you would like help with and think it is unusual, please get in touch, even if it's only to put your mind at ease.

A behavioural consultation is completely different from dog training classes or a dog training course. In dog training classes, you generally learn dog training related lessons, such as: sit, stay, walking to heel, recall etc. A behaviour consultation from a qualified dog behaviourist is a behaviour modification session that is tailored specifically for your dog.


A behaviour consultation for any problem generally lasts about two to three hours in your home. 

During this time I will teach you all the techniques needed to address your dog's particular issues. 

I will assess your dog and how you both currently interact inside your home. 

I will then demonstrate all the required training inside the home and following this, out on a walk or in the park until I'm confident that you're ready to implement the techniques alone. 

The cost of the consultation is £145.
FOLLOW UP VISITS (at your request)

I aim to provide you with all the information you need and remain available by phone, text and email for as long as you require support, at no extra charge.

And often this is all that is required, with most queries being easily cleared up this way.

If however you feel like you require a follow up visit, these are available at the discounted cost of £75 if I travel back to your house, or £50 if you wish to travel to me.